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Identification of related interest parties and communication

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In recent years, under demand of the international society, enterprises shall no longer aim solely for maximum profits for the company. As a responsible enterprise, the company shall take care of its social responsibility in business operation as well as to consider the welfare of the related interest parties.


TXC Corporation founded the Sustainable Development Committee (also known as the ESG Committee). It is responsible for setting management approach and short, mid and long term goals. It communicates and coordinates with the sustainable development promotion team to organize three teams functionally. It promotes the event and verification associated with corporate responsibility and sustainability. It cooperates with members of each center to complete all tasks planned in the annual plan.


Main stakeholders of TXC Corporation include employee, customer, investor, supplier, government agency and public interest group. To further understand the need and expectation of internal and external stakeholders of the Company, and maintain good interaction with all stakeholders, TXC Corporation collects issues all stakeholders care about through survey and identify three aspects, economy, society and environment.


The concerned issues, material issue response and channels for communication method with all stakeholders defined by the Company are explained in the following:

Material Topics


Secondary Topics

1 Product Quality/Technology Research and Development 6 Waste Management and Recycle 16 Waste Water Drainage and Control
7 Customer Privacy 17 Labor-Employer Relationship
2 Operation and Financial Performance 8 Forced and Compulsory Labor 18 Training and Education
9 Customer Satisfaction Survey 19 Child Labor
3 Occupational Safety and Health 10 Labor-Management Relationship 20 Non-discriminatory
11 Green Product/Design Development 21 Green Supply Chain Management
4 Hazardous Substance Management 12 Air Pollutant Control 22 Water Resource Management
13 Social Economic Regulatory Compliance    
5 Sustainable Supply Chain Management 14 Product and Service Label    


Customer Health and Safety    


Non-material Topic
23 Product Carbon Footprint 29 Raw Material Usage and Reclaimed Material 35 Environmental Accounting
24 Energy Management 30 Human Rights Assessment 36 Taxation Policy
25 Customer Service Management 31 Freedom of Association and Group Negotiation 37 Green Operation
26 Climate Change Mitigation and Adjustment 32 Industry Localization 38 Security Practice
27 Supplier Social Impact Assessment 33 Employee Diversity and Equal Opportunity 39 Indigenous Rights
28 Conflict Metal Management 34 Contractor Management 40 Social Participation


Material Topic Impact Boundary Concerned by Stakeholders

Material Issue Corresponding GRI Topic Impact Boundary Response Chapter
Company Operation Customers Suppliers

Product Quality/ Technology Research and Development

Economic Performance (201-1) Customer Health (416-2)
TXC Corporation’s performance in the continuous optimization of products and technology innovation will affect customer loyalty and purchase intention

The implementation of friendly product design concept will further affect the purchase of raw materials and supply chain management requirements
4.3 Customers
Operation and Financial Performance Economic Performance (201-1)     2.1.3 Operation Performance
Occupational Safety and Health Occupational Safety and Health (403-2)  
Suppliers’ sustainable performance and the cooperation relationship between TXC and suppliers not only affect the reputation indirectly but also introduce positive impact to the society
5.4Safety and Health Planning and Management
Hazardous Substance Management Self-defined Topics
Use of harmful substances in products will directly or indirectly cause impacts on customers using such products

Suppliers’ sustainable performance and the cooperation relationship between TXC and suppliers not only affect the reputation indirectly but also introduce positive impact to the society and environment
Specific Action and Performance of Green Products or Services / Pollution Control Management and Maintenance Outcome
Sustainable Supply Chain Management Purchase Practice(204-1)
Suppliers’ sustainable performance will indirectly affect the customer relationship of TXC, and we cooperate closely with suppliers and aim to achieve customer satisfaction as the highest goal.

Suppliers’ sustainable performance and the cooperation relationship between TXC and suppliers not only affect the reputation indirectly but also introduce positive impact to the society

【●】Direct impact: the material topic has a direct impact on the boundary

【○】Indirect impact: the material topic indirectly causes impact on the boundary, or is associated with the boundary due to the business relationship.


Material Issue I. Product Quality/Technology Research and Development
Why Is It Important Product quality and technology continuous improvement are essential factors to the establishment of corporate sustainable operation, corporate reputation and corporate image.
Management Objective Continue to provide various application products necessary for the frequency control elements used in the industries of information technology, communication, optoelectronics and auto industry and provide quality products with market competitiveness.
Policy Continue to enhance the improvement in order to achieve the world-class quality, and cooperate with various audit system requirements, such as IATF16949, VDA 6.3 and customers’ rigorous specification, thereby achieving continuous improvement of quality. According to the market demands and marketing plans, plan the Company’s development technical strategies and product development direction, establish company's technology development strategies and technology map, thereby achieving the use of leading technologies in the development of products demanded by the market. Implement project management, shorten R&D schedule, flexibly handle customer demands, seize every business opportunity, continue to strengthen the R&D team, improve professional trainings and systemization of technical database, and head toward the goal of No. 1 R&D team in the world.
Objective Seek zero risk in product and delivery, obtain customer trust.
2019Goal Achievement Status In 2019, the on-going certification included the Quality Management system (ISO 9001) and Auto Industry Quality Management System (IATF 16949). In 2019, there were a total of 22 projects executed in relation to the quality improvement


Material Issue II. Operation and Financial Performance
Why Is It Important While facing external environmental changes and challenges, it is the Company's’ corporate business mission to continue to develop new products and to utilize innovation, to strength competitiveness, to reduce production cost, to commit in the value creation for shareholders and to fulfill social responsibility.
Management Objective Strength competitive, improve performance, and incorporate environmental and social aspects into the consideration for financial performance, thereby creating higher values for shareholders.
Policy Periodically convene shareholders’ meetings and investor conferences, provide transparent information. Convene various product production and sales meetings, product meetings of all factories, and establish annual sales plan and target.
Objective Stable growth and profit earnings.
2019Goal Achievement Status Ranked No. 1 giant manufacturer in the quartz industry in Taiwan. Ranked top 5 giant manufacturers in the quartz industry worldwide. 2019 revenue increased by 4.26% from last year.


Material Issue III. Occupational Safety and Health
Why Is It Important Corporate’s care of the safety and health of employees is the social responsibility required to be fulfilled by the Company, and healthy employees and safe environment are essential criteria for works.
Management Objective Establish company employee’s safety awareness, and construct a working environment that meets the occupational safety criteria and is also healthy and comfortable.
Policy The Company establishes an Occupational Safety and Health Committee, and meetings are convened quarterly to review work progress and to discuss environmental safety and health matters, in order to ensure the safety and health of the operating environment. Continue to improve the safety and health technologies of the Company’s facility site, to reduce overall operating risk and business loss, and qualify the “ISO 45001 Occupational Safety and Health System” such that the occupational safety and health related trainings in the facility site are also executed in accordance with relevant regulatory requirements. The facility site is provided with the Medical Office and there stationed physicians and professional nurses available to provide professional medical consultation service. Employee health examination is also organized periodically, and health information (including disease prevention))/seminars, etc. are organized irregularly.
Objective Personnel with zero disaster, prevent occurrence of occupational diseases.
2019Goal Achievement Status For “ISO 45001 Occupational Safety and Health Management” system standard, the system authentication was completed successfully in 2019. 2019 physical examination report results did not indicate any occurrence of occupational disease cases.


Material Issue IV. Harmful Substance Management
Why Is It Important Create green products, reduce hazards of production to human bodies and environment, and achieve sustainable operation.
Management Objective Continue to reduce the impacts of production raw materials, production processes and wastes on the end consumers and natural environment, and maintain the natural resources for sustainable living.
Policy Comply with the EU’s Restriction of Hazardous Substance for Electrical and Electronic Equipment RoHS 2.0 (2011/65/EU), (EU)2015/863, Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive WEEE (2012/19/EU), Perfluorooctane Sulfonic Acid Directive PFOS(2006/122/EC), (EU) No 757/2010, Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals REACH (EC)No 1907/2006 Directive requirements. Obtained IECQ QC 080000 harmful substance process management certification, and adopted green purchase activities as the basis for continuous provision of green products to users. To ensure product quality complying with green related environmental protection regulations, the Company strictly controlled the use of environmental management substances in the products and also requests suppliers’ products to comply with the Company’s regulations on the environmental management substances, in order to reduce impacts of products and services on the environment. To strengthen the management of supply chain on green products, the Company encourage suppliers to be equipped with basic ISO 9001 quality system and to also implement the IECQ QC 080000 harmful substance system, in order to implement the promotion of environmental management activities.
Objective To ensure products comply with the Restriction of Hazardous Substance related regulations and customers’ harmful substance free control requirements.
2019 Goal Achievement Status 100% of products manufactured in 2019 comply with the Harmful Substance (HSF)/Green Product (GP) international environmental protection regulations.


Material Issue V. Sustainable Supply Chain Management
Why Is It Important Suppliers are important partners to the Company in the sustainable development, and through the cooperation method of mutual assistance for win-win, the Company seeks corporate sustainable operation and growth with suppliers jointly.
Management Objective Improve supply chain quality and source stability, and strengthen the corporate sustainable development influence through value chain link and cooperation.
Policy To ensure the thorough implementation of corporate social responsibility requirements and principles at our suppliers and partner ends, suppliers of the Company are required to sign and return the “Integrity Undertaking”, “Environment, Occupation, Safety and Health Status Survey Form”, “Industry Code of Conduct Undertaking”, “Green Product and Environmental Protection Declaration” and “Non-conflict Metal Declaration” in order to provide guidance on corporate social responsibility requirements to suppliers. Relevant departments of the Company conduct evaluation on suppliers periodically to ensure that all suppliers are able to meet the Company’s medium and long term planning for continuous development and to comply with relevant international standards, thereby maintaining long-term and quality cooperating partnership. In 2011, through the government’s integrated system guidance, the Company has established the “Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)” and “Supply Chain Safety Management System” (ISO 28000). In addition, through such establishment of supply chain safety system, customs clearance preferential offer is obtained and the substantial outcomes of improvement of service quality and performance are achieved, thereby satisfying customers’ safety demands on industrial value chain.
Objective To ensure suppliers’ compliance with relevant requirements and policies of the Company such that there are no obvious or potential negative impacts on the environment, labor criteria, human rights and social aspects.
2019 Goal Achievement Status After the verification of the 2019 supplier survey results, all results were found to comply with the system requirements of the Company.

The Corporate Social Responsibility Management Committee summarizes relevant outcome documents and data annually and reports the stakeholder engagement result and CSR discussion and recommendation in the board meeting for confirmation. The communication status with all stakeholders in 2019 was reported to the board of directors on December 29, 2020. The communication status and report content with all types of stakeholders in the most recent year are as follows:

Stakeholder Communication Issue Communication Method and Channel Frequency 2019 Results
Employee Remuneration and Welfare Employee Development Occupational Safety, Sanitary and Health Company Sustainability Annual Employee Satisfaction Survey   Year 1 time in total
Salary Survey   Irregular Numerous times through recruitment collection and network information, etc.
Mailbox and direct line to senior managers  Irregular No complaint received
Employee seminars   Irregular Frequent convention
Employee Suggestion Box  Irregular 1 time in total
Improvement Proposal Mailbox  Irregular 29 cases in total
Employee Welfare Meeting  Irregular 4 times in total
Mid-year/Year-end review meeting  Semi-annually 2 times in total
Department Meeting  Irregular Frequent convention
Laborer and Employer Meeting  Quarterly 4 times in total
Environmental Safety and Health Committee Meeting  Quarterly 4 times in total
Customers Product Quality Product Price Performance of Social Responsibility Customer Relationship Management Customer Satisfaction Survey  Year 1 time in total
Various customer questionnaires  Irregular 26 times in total
Supplier Self-evaluation Questionnaire  Irregular 150 cases in total
Company and Third Party Audit  Irregular External Customer Audit: 20 companies (Quality /HSF system); third party certification audit: 6 times
Telephone Communication  Irregular Frequent communication
Meetings convened by customers  Irregular Frequent convention
Community Group Communication Care Implement Environmental Safety Health Management Performance of Social Responsibility Company Sustainability Visited neighborhood village chiefs during holidays  Year Cooperated with 3 neighborhood villages at the surrounding of the Company
Participated in the sponsorship for community disadvantaged groups   Irregular Cooperated with 7 care institutions
Sponsored community elementary and junior high schools  Irregular Sponsored 4 elementary and junior high schools, and 99 people in total
Company’s website provides detailed greenhouse gas, environmental and safety health policies as references for interested  Irregular Website disclosure and publication of 2018 Greenhouse Gas Report
Suppliers Supplier Evaluation Product Characteristics Order Continuity Financial Performance For the topics on the requirements of “Supplier System Evaluation and Audit Form”, “Supplier GP System Evaluation Form”, “Greenhouse Gas Inventory Taking”, “Corporate Social Responsibility”, “Purchase and Contractor Safety and Health Regulations”, “Environment, Occupation, Safety and Health Status Survey Form”, training courses, questionnaire surveys and company website promotion are held irregularly for suppliers. Irregular 105 suppliers completed the signing of the RBA agreement documents
Government and Legal Institution Legal Compliance Environmental Protection Fulfill Tax Payment Obligation Policy Cooperation Level Maintain proper interaction with all competent authorities  Irregular Frequent interaction
Receive and respond to official letters of public departments  Irregular 150 letters were received and responded
Management Activities and Management Practice  Irregular Sufficiently disclosed on website and annual report
Training on attendance related regulations  Irregular Total of 2,269 people participated in the training
Performed legal searches to ensure legal compliance  Quarterly 4 times in total
Shareholders/Investors Sustainable Development Strategy Regulatory Compliance Financial Performance Corporate Operation Governance Risk Management Board of Directors  Quarterly Convened 7 times of board meetings in total
Shareholders’ Meeting   Quarterly Convened 1 time
Investor Conference   Irregular Convened 8 times
Monthly Revenue and Settlement Announcement  Monthly 12 times in total
Financial Statements  Quarterly 4 times in total
Investor section on Company’s website  Irregular Website information updated 54 times
Disclosure of Material Information on Market Observation Post System (MOPS)  Irregular 42 announcements released
Participation in Corporate Governance Evaluation  Annually October of each year to January of next year
Media Corporate Operation Governance Shareholders’ Meeting  Quarterly Convened 1 time
Investor Conference  Irregular Convened 8 times
External Communication Mailbox  Any time Frequent interaction
Newsletter Announcement  Irregular Updated any time


The communication channel of the Company provided through the establishment of a general window, and place contact our (Administration Center Mr. Chen/AVP)